Production that's what we do....Getting in early so we can influence the budget and get involved from the onset. Our expertise is to help develop the commercial aspect of the project to ensure its financial success for producers and investors.

Digital Distribution... Tribal has a  full service digital and TV aggregation department we provide all the technical and sales function to exploit global digital rights in a transparent and cost-effective manner. 

Physical Distribution...Tribal has a strategic relationship with one of the largest UK and US retailers allowing us to maximise sales and participation as part of the overall sales mix.

International sales....Traibal attends all major markets throughout the year. As we distribute for the UK market it makes good commercial sense for us to proactively sell other international territories. 

Tribal Film- A turnkey film boutique 

Tribal Film is a boutique sales agent, production entity and distribution company, focusing on commercially driven feature films of all genres and budget sizes. Tribal represents projects at all stages of the filmmaking process, often as Executive Producer, with the aim of helping producers and distributors achieve maximum exposure for their films.

Lies we Tell

An unflinching British thriller about loyalty, betrayal, and revenge. When his billionaire boss Demi (Harvey Keitel) dies, chauffeur Donald (Gabriel Byrne) is given one final job - to wipe out any evidence of Demi’s relationship with his mistress, the enigmatic and beautiful Amber (Sibylla Deen). Donald’s task soon unravels when Amber’s life is threatened, and he finds himself her reluctant protector. Unwittingly drawn into a dangerous urban underworld, he encounters dark, harrowing practices, and a sinister criminal figure who will test him to his very limits.

Cast: Golden Globe Winner Gabriel Byrne (Usual Suspects, Miller’s Crossing); Oscar Nominated Harvey Keitel (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver); Mark Addy (The Full Monty, Game of Thrones); Sibylla Deen (Tut, Tyrant); Jan Uddin (Black Gold (Day of the Falcon), Injustice).

Director: Mitu Misra (Debut feature)
Producers: Andy McDermott, Malcolm Scott, Danny Gulliver
Director of Photography: Santosh Sivan A.S.C I.S.C
Editor: Chris Gill ACE
Composer: Golden Globe Nominated, Zbigniew Preisner

UK distribution.


Two small time criminals kidnap a psychic medium and force her to contact the gang boss they murdered.

The pair are desperate to discover where their recently deceased boss buried a stash of cash, but only succeed in unleashing a demon, bent on revenge.

Production | UK Distribution.


In the Summer of 1974 on the boulevards of Asbury Park, New Jersey, cruising and drag racing were a way of life. The last breed of 'Greasers' still held onto their roots as the local mechanics racing their hotrods along 'The Circuit', while young and talented up and coming musicians performed at the iconic Stone Pony rock n' roll club, vying to become the next big thing.

Young ace mechanic and top dog Greaser Bobby Dilfer's whole world is cars, his friends and the underground drag racing circuit run by his mentor Charlie Trimboli (Academy Award Winner Joe Pesci) and his comrade Nelson (Ryan Guzman), the trouble-making leader of the Marauder Motorcycle Club. When beautiful newcomer Gloria (Sofia Carson) moves to town to trade in her prep-school cardigan for a Summer of halter tops and bikinis, Bobby's world is turned upside down.

Gloria is smitten with rising local rocker Johnny Balantine, who makes all the girls swoon as he rocks the stage of the legendary Stone Pony. Like Bobby, Johnny is enraptured with Gloria and dreams of whisking her away with him and his band to the big city to make their rock n' roll dreams reality -- and with the support of the not-to-be-messed with The Stone Pony General Manager Jack Lloyd, they are well on their way.

En route to The Stone Pony to watch Johnny rock the stage, Gloria unwittingly steps out onto Ocean Avenue in front of a drag race in progress and is pulled from danger as Bobby intervenes. Gloria is intrigued by bobby and his curious way of life, which gives Johnny cause for concern. As the Greasers and Rockers encroach on each others' turfs, tensions rise quick, and Bobby and Johnny's rivalry over Gloria push the various factions toward a climactic and epic rumble on the beach that will make and break lives, and carve out the Summer of 74' as infamous and unforgettable.



Wheels turn within wheels - the engine driving existence. An infinity of parallel universes. Sometimes worlds collide, so that some of us very few of us get to crossover to another world... one that operates under different rules. Elwood belongs to such a world. In Elwood, animal genetics have evolved, so that cats and dogs walk tall amongst humans. There is no hierarchy of species. And one dog in particular has a hold on Elwood. You wouldn't want to cross Louie the Jaw. After the death of Delaney Fargas, the original Godfather of Elwood, Louie the Jaw, a human pit-bull and Delaneys right hand, is expected to take his place as ruler of Elwood and as protector of Delaneys beautiful daughter Angelica. It is now Louie the Jaws responsibility to handle the violent wars between gangs, control the power struggles between politicians, deal with deviated visitors and to protect the innocent (if there is such a thing as innocence in Elwood). Its Twilight Zone meets The Sopranos. Elwood provides us with the opportunity we need to meet our problems. We are forced to make choices in Elwood and the choices we make define the future, both there and back home. If we come back to the world we know, our lives will be changed forever for better or for worse. If we come back. Because there are those of us who don't. For some, the most seductive mistress of all is... Elwood.


Vampire Mods Versus Zombie Rockers

A movie that does exactly what it says on the coffin. VAMPIRE MODS VERSUS ZOMBIE ROCKERS is the scary, hilarious, rock and roll, mod and soul story of the a supernatural showdown between the Mods – sharp, cool, and deadly – and their enemies the Rockers – lovable, tough and loyal.

Written by Emmy-winner David Quantick and fitted with a custom-made soundtrack to die from – featuring everybody from Smokey Robinson and Prince Buster to Motorhead and Deep Purple – plus a Romeo and Juliet-style romance, VAMPIRE MODS VERSUS ZOMBIE ROCKERS is funny, horrifying, cool, hilarious, terrifying – and great.

Shaun Of The Dead meets Quadrophenia meets West Side Story.

Production | Int. Sales